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Birthday Party Shop

Choose a Gift for your Sibling! 

Campers, you will be choosing a gift/gifts for one of your siblings. Take some time to look at these gifts to pick the best gift for them! You have been emailed to let you know who you will be buying for.

How to choose a gift! 

Gifts are different prices, so here are your options for how you pick out gifts:

  • Go to Section A and pick ONE gift. You are done!!!


  • You don’t see anything in Section A? No problem! Go to Section B and pick ONE gift from Section B. Now go to Section C and pick one more gift. You are done!!


  • Didn’t see anything in Sections A or B? You still have some choices!! Go to Section C and pick THREE gifts. You are done!!

    Once you have made your choice, click the button below to submit your choice to us. We will purchase and wrap the gift to be ready for your brother or sister at our Birthday Party at camp!

Section A Gifts

Our Clients

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