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John Carty-Campbell- - B.S. Management, MBA, CFP® 

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John Carty-Campbell became a Siblings Forever team member in 2012. John served as board chairman in the past for three years and currently serves as Board Chair again.  He is a part of the counselor and volunteer recruiting for Siblings Forever and has helped lead counselor training for our camps since 2008. He had also been a volunteer at summer camps,  holiday camps and virtual camps. 

John worked for Fortune 500 companies for 23 years prior to joining the financial services industry and becoming a CFP®. He has taught for the Executive Program in the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia and teaches at Emory University.

When their youngest daughter passed away,  John and his wife, Debby, advocated for their two grandchildren to maintain their relationship in spite of living in separate households.  John has a brother and a sister and cherishes his close family bonds.

Board Chair

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